Merchiri Concept is a Nigerian movie production company focused on quality production and sales of home video, Marketing, distributions, exportation and importation of home videos, audio tapes, CD plate and empty video casscate, etc

In recent years, Merchiri concept has created much high profile production, beginning with the inordinate quest movie in 2019 etc 

Merchiri concept also, carry on the business of entertainment, promotion of cultural heritage, fashion, event Management, advertisement, promotion, such as music , arts, films, commercials, talent shows, dance shows, wrote club and all sorts of indoor and outdoor entertainment events. 
Our vision 

is to provide quality services that'll exceeds the expectation of out esteemed customers. We grow through creativity, innovation and invention. We integrated honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business functioning.
In the aspect of movie production as sales Merchiri Concept is here to give you the best entertainment.

Board of Directors and Secretary
Mercy Maduka NNochiri| Chief Execut Iive Director 

Joseph Maduka | Director
Barrister Jonathan Eze| Secretary

Our Team and Works 


Mechiri Concept was Founded in 2017
Location: Nigeria

NB: Merchiri concept has financed the magnity of their production work internally but always seek new financing producing and distribution partners.