Pivons Republic Collection (Fashion)

Pivons Republic Collection (Fashion)

Company Name: Pivons Republic Collection
Year Founded: 2008
Location: Kaduna, Nigeria
Founders: Pete Ogbor and Paul Ogbor Tony
Area Served: Nigeria
Pivons Republic Collection is a clothing line based in Kaduna State Nigeria. It collections include Traditional Wears, Suit, Cooperate wears, Shoes, Palms Sandals and so much more.
Pivons was founded by Pete Ogbor and Paul Oboh Tony in the year 2008.
Read The Statement Made by Both Founder:

It all started at the University of Jos, Nigeria in year 2008. I was inspired from admiration by friends who admired what I put on and gave the hint that I could be a fashion designer.

I had to put more efforts to make their opinion and observation come true. I focused more on practicing and implementation as this make one a better fashion designer.
To me fashion is life and it brings the society to light. It explains the moment and provide in details at most the true nature of oneself.
It was all a joke at first but along the line, things came into play and my elder brother suggest we gave our unique style of clothing a brand name Pivons republic which today has become a brand name to the clothing and fashion line.

The name was coined from the combination of my late Dad and Mom (Peace be onto them). They were part of what inspires us most today, we remain steadfast and focused in reaching a greater height.
Pivons Collections has continued to serve it customer from the day of its incorporation. It has benefited from the patronage and several fashion boom in the industry.
It does not only serve the Northern geographical area because of it fashion station location but the entire region in the country. The excellent smart work by its employees has made it fashion house exceptional in recent times. This has added more to Pivons fashion productivity and social fashion awareness in general.
Their fashion style has brought more testimony from fashion lovers especially from “Arewa” and various “socio-cultural class”. It has produced one of the finest designs which are of high demand in the society.
Plans are been put in place by Pivons to trademark it own fashion discoveries as they wish to expand their organisational structure to an international standard. This is followed by the high demand of its fashion product from both local and international clients.
Do you wish to contact and follow the Pivons fashion police train? Feel free as you get more insight and view of the life in Pivions Republic Collections!!!.
Social Media Handle: IG: @peterobohpivons, FB: peter oboh , Twitter: pivon republic

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